Medical uses of steroids

Though steroids are mainly known to be used by athletes and body builders for increasing their strength and stamina and for building their muscular structure, steroids have way more uses than that. The most important use of steroid is in the field of medicine. Steroids are used in the treatment of various life threatening diseases like cancer.

Cancer treatment calls for wide use of steroids during the entire treatment process. Chemotherapy and radiation process involved in the treatment of cancer mainly include steroids. The loss of hair after the cancer treatment for patients is mainly due to the use of steroids in the treatment.

Anabolic androgenic steroids are mainly used to treat diseases like anemia, breast cancer and various kinds of swelling disorders. Steroids are also used in the production of various kinds of pain killers and anti depressants. The prolonged usage of such drugs can also bring along problems like obesity.

Steroids are basically chemically modified hormones and that is the main reason they find their way into the medicine world. Steroids have the unique ability to repair and maintain tissues which is harnessed by the medical experts by using steroids in medicines. Steroids are used in medicines to cure ailments and predicaments in which the tissues are destroyed. They are also widely used under circumstances where the patient calls for a required boost in stamina

Steroids are also used in medicines for regulating mental disorders like stress, depression and mood swings. Steroids can help in giving temporary relief to mental patients by providing a temporary change in their personality. And it is also to be noted that prolonged use of steroids can also create these troubles in an individual.

Corticosteroids are used to treat various diseases like asthma, arthritis, skin cancer, multiple sclerosis, eczema and rashes. Steroids are mostly combined with other drugs for the medical purposes. Even though steroids are used in medicines it is recommended that such medicines or steroids itself should be used only for a very short period of time and must be stopped completely once the requirement is satisfied as they also cause inflammation and additional infections in the patient’s body.

These steroids are also used to treat protein deficiency diseases as they have the property of increasing the amount of protein in the body especially in the bones. Up to a certain extent major health risks can be suppressed due to the use of steroids but that is only temporarily.